The alarm was set for 4am but  I was up at 3:30 AM with a cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee. I couldn’t sleep good and felt restless all night. I think I was anticipating a big day of fishing which it was.  We were on the water at sunrise heading out of the nasty inlet which wasn’t bad. We followed one of the charters out of the inlet which helped John navigate.

It seemed like it was forever for us to get out to the Gulf Stream but we eventually we found it by seeing the weed beds and quick jump in water temps. I like to gauge off the pretty blue color in the wake of the boat. You can tell when you make it into the Gulf Stream because the boat wake water color changes from green to pretty bright blue.

John got the lures in the water and the lines setup while Suzy and I navigated the boat through the week lines.  Not too long after we had the lines out we hooked up on a MahiMahi that got off at the boat.  We had a few other small hook ups that we lost but we also landed a few.

We tried jigging the rock pile but ad didn’t locate any fish on jigs. This was the most disappointing part of the trip. We had high hopes to get on some fish at the rock pile but there wasn’t anything to mark on the plotter. Next we headed south another 4 miles to a old military ship wreck that was recommended to us by Red Drum Tackle.  We put the plot points in but we couldn’t locate the sunken ship.  This ship was an old Military ship that was probably 300ft long and we still couldn’t find it.  FRUSTRATING

Heading back in we stopped at land buoy that was holding King Fish, Cobia and SpadeFish.  We spotted Amber jack but nothing would hit. We tried throwing about everything in our tackle but we couldn’t get any hookups.  Monster schools of spade fish swam by but we didn’t have anything to target them.

It was a great experience for Suzy to see the mayhem on the boat and she caught her first MahiMahi. The one I landed was 42.5 inches. John landed a 23incher. Check out some photos from the trip.

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The weather outlook is fair for the rest of the week. John and I are trying to figure out when we can get back out. Today is looks like we are going to relax and go paddle boarding somewhere around the house. I gave the truck a bath and its fresh so death.

rye's f150

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