NagsHead Beach

NagsHead Beach

Annnnnnnddddddddddddddddd We’re Off! 9.5 hours and i’ll be on the sandy shore. This is the one of two trips planned to the OBX for 2014. This first go around will have the highest probability of catching some nice fish since John is taking his boat. We are staying in Avon which is pretty far South down the obx line. We will be about 15 mins or less from the Hatteras where we can launch the boat. John and I have been looking forward to this trip all year with high hopes of catching the big ones again. Early reports are showing big Tuna being caught in close and nice size Dolphins. I haven’t investigated the surf fishing reports much since I intend on mostly boat fishing. I still plan on taking all my surf fishing stuff as a back up plan.  IM excited about this small bit bonus this year – we have a fresh water fishing pond off our back porch of our house.  IN my down time from cocktails, fishing and family bonding… I plan on ripping some bass behind the house.

I’ll be posting reports sporadically over the week keeping you posted.

For all you creepers out there here’s our home base for the week:

Wish us luck!



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