St Gabriel Fish Friday


Solid piece of white fish. We got take out and I was very happy with my piece I got. The standard dinner came with slaw, roll, and a choice between frys and pirogies. I opted for frys but hit the all carte menu like a boss.

All carte mac & cheese is a solid choice.

Address: 5200 Greenridge Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15236


Ryan’s Review:

This rating will be based on a curve.
“Solid white piece”
Frys, slaw and bun all great church fish. Fluffy and super wife.
The a la carte menu had a excellent showing with Pierogis and Mac and cheese.

The missing tarter was a back breaker. Enough for the wife to skip dinner.

Rating 7.6

Then they include a dinner finisher that brought her up to 8.1. Well done St. Gabriel’s.

You had me at cake 🍰

I’ll be back

Overall Rating: 8.1


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